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    Article: The Future of 'Personalized' Computing: The Gadgets Get To Know Yo


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    I don't want it.

    I've already got people asking me questions, wanting this and that response. Being people I can tune the out easily, be rude to drive them off, or in a second of insanity bury them in the back yard.

    My point is I like the fact that my device responds to me only when I want it too. I turn off location devices because I don't always want to know what's going on around me. Digital disconnect ignorance can be bliss.

    Ad for the cloud, well I've always had a rain cloud with me like that poor chap from Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe. As for digital, I don't like my music being somewhere else physically (if it really ever is physical), I want to hold it close, along with any other data I have.

    No robobutler for me thanks. No disembodied voice to ask my lunch plans, or a device that knows what the hell I'm going to do before I do. I like things just fine here in the present. Guess I'm old fashioned. And old...er.

    Now get off my lawn you darn kids.

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    no more
    No, thanks. I do not need my own devices spamming me. I get enough email spam as it is.

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