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    Article: FINANCE: Finally, A Rich American Destroys The Fiction That Rich P


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    We have to start manufacturing again. No economy as large as our that has so much influence around the world can be sustained with manufacturing jobs. We have to put the low and middle class to work and create jobs for them. Plain and simple. We also need to rid ourselves of unions. Case in point, Boeing, they built a huge facility in Charleston,SC and created jobs. The labor union want's them to shut that place down because they don't have to hire union workers. They make it out to seem that they lost jobs because of this move. What they don't say is that not one job was lost in the Taccoa area. Same for teachers but that's another story. We have become a nation of service jobs, just look in the help wanted section of your local paper. How many manufacturing jobs do you see listed. Why is most of the biggest players in manufacturing are over seas and not wanting to build here?

    Saying that the rich don't create jobs is correct. It's corporations that create jobs. Very seldom does one rich person create a many jobs. Yet huge companies create thousands of jobs over seas and not here, why is that?

    You can't be upset at people that are willing to risk money to lose money. I just don't see how taxing the "1%" as they are now called helps us out at all. If they were taxed 30% do you think things would be different? No. Tax reform is needed more than more taxes.

    Why isn't the Government creating jobs? The bridges and Dams in this country could all use a good updating. how many jobs would that create in every state? In 2012 we as country better hire someone who knows how to run a business and not listen to the hope, i mean HYPE that was sweeping the country 3 years ago. We can't take another 4 years of this current administration. This one has dug such a large hole for us it's going to take someone who can stand up and actually lead to get us out.

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    As long as the government is continued to be ran by private banks then we're all doomed.

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