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    Article: ESSAY: Sex, Alcohol and Oversharing


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    Oversharing will never happen with this guy. I deleted my twitter account cause I was bored, and no didn't share anything but my themes and wallpapers. Facebook is for family and all those are hid except for my lovely wife, however if I do want to find out the stupids that happen in the family I can just pull up one or two family members to get the scoop

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    Twitter is great a great news source. Facebook, I see no need. Pick up the phone, call me. Send me a letter. Email me. Why do I need a Facebook???? That question has yet to be answered. I'd say 90% that are on Facebook are on there just because someone else they knew had one. It's a disease. Yes, I can not stand Facebook. That's true. But how many security breaches, how many mining of data schemes and selling it are the human population going to take???? You know what would happen if Facebook suddenly went offline in a second. Nothing. Life would carry on and we would be better off for it. Sooner or latter the Government has to step in on this company. They're so worried Apple raised e-book prices by a f%^king few dollars they have forgotten what they need to be protecting us from.

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