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    Article: ESSAY: Living Without Apps - My Week In Hell!


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    no one would ever experience this in 1999...we have become spoilt.

    as much as I hate to say it...smartphones have taken over our lives. they have become far more than a convenience, a doorway to a cyber world. a review for a phone used to be: it makes calls, it sends SMSs. now it can be several pages long. we have abandoned our own identity for a virtual one because we could be anyone we choose to be online to distract us from the burdens of reality.

    I mis the Times when the Nokia 3310 was very impressive...gee I'm starting to sound like a poet.

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    Lol addiction on the rise! Times changes for all of us. I love our new culture of apps and information without ignoring the human to life out there communication. Balance is everything lol

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