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    Article: EA offers free catalog game to apologize for SimCity server woes


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    This is one of the reasons I am staying away from computer games. DRM is fine enough but I don't have an always in connection.

    I managed GameStop for years. One thing I witnessed was how EA was ruining gaming. Buying up smaller dev houses and disbanding, implementing their heavy handed policies that emphasize money over creative content. The franchises they've ruined are countless.

    Need for speed has been run into the ground. Its now Need For Burnout. Nickel and dime micro-transactikns and pushing everything online.

    SimCity is one of those games that most of us grew up playing. Reading the reviews it seems they've taken everything that was fun and pushed it online or took it out. No terra forming before creating your city? No real single player offline?

    The kicker is with this always on DRM, wwhat happens when EA kills the servers? They will. May be a few years but what do you do then? Buying a game makes it yours. With this kind of bs you essentially rent it. As such you are at the mercy of EA.

    No thanks. I try hard to stay away from even the console versions of EA games. Its hard, and the few I've tried have been shadows of their former selves. Money has to be made but EA believes that it has to be pried out of the gamers pockets instead of giving rich interactive and through value.

    Add that if you purchased a digital copy through Origin you're hosed. No refunds. No ifs, ands, or buts. Amazon however knows what customer service is and has bent their policy to allow refunds. Kudos to them.

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