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    Article: Why I don’t want iOS, Android or any other OS to ‘win’


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    I like them all. Essentially the different ways each of the platforms address themselves to offer their version of their clients needs. Some are good and unique, others fail. But do they? It all depends on how you look at it, how you use it or what you expect it to do. That is extremely positive because the common denominator in all of that is offered is only, you. And it's only you they're after. Unlike in the past, with Microsoft as mentioned, but somewhat with BB and then iOS, we were all coaxed into the only systems available.
    Then came Google, open source and virtually free for all. That's when things really swung the consumers way.
    Don't call it democracy, since its these monolith corporations that run the show, but you may want to call it a new version of "suffrage".
    And YOU get to vote for what YOU fancy and serves YOU best.
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    BGR has lost all credibility. Anything from that site isn't worth reading.

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