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    Article: Don’t buy the Galaxy S5 when it launches next month


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    Good stuff but if I have an upgrade available a hundred bucks won't stop me from getting it earlier. Still hoping it's not a big change. I don't care about super specs that will save me milliseconds every day. I'm more interested in what it looks and feels like.
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    +1 Cat. We have 2 upgrades (thank you Framily), so I'm waiting to see. Seriously considering just waiting for the G3 or next Nexus.

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    Out here it ain't 100 bucks or anywhere near it.
    So, we need a fandangled study to get to know what I've been writing about for the last few years? Wow!
    Years ago the only phone that held its value was any kind of BB. Not anymore. Today, and since 2007 it's the iPhone.
    Any Android, from any manufacturer that builds them has the same problem. It's a downward price spiral from announcement, to launch. Within weeks the price drops, in some instances, up to 20%. Within 2 months it's close to 30%.
    I'll give you an example. The LG Flex. It launched 2 weeks ago at 899€. It's now selling for 749€ and some retailers have it at 729€. Another one: the S4. It launched at 799€ and within a month it was at 629€. A year later it's just over 450€. And you can grab a 2nd hand one, in mint condition for about 300€.
    All this is easily seen and perceived by the consumer.
    I've been telling you my experiences for years now. I reckon I'm far ahead of any fandangled study that states you shouldn't buy the S5 off pat. Never mind the S5. Any Korean, Japanese, Chinese even European (Nokia for instance) or all the new phones coming from Spain (lately) are a waste of an investment.
    Im holding onto iPhone 5 and 5S because I know I'll sell them close to the price I bought them for. I'm waiting for the iPhone 6.

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