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    Article: Disappointments of iOS6


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    I'm pretty happy with the 1st beta so far, I've had very few bugs if any.....I used the turn by turn navigation everyday of last while on vacation and it worked flawlessly. Some of the new updates are small I will agree and they aren't groundbreaking but they add to an already great OS and I am loving the new additions. The Siri additions are pretty nice as well, while some people won't care I like getting sports updates when I need/want them. Over all yes they, like everyone else have plenty of room to improve I'm still happy with it. Bring on beta 2 and soon enough iPhone 5

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    The content of this article and it's "title" don't match. I can't wrap my finger around all of it in a short post but to expect ground breaking new things every year is simply a fantancy and not possible for numerous reasons.

    Numer 1 is 1/2 right with the 5 years ahead opinion but that's it.

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