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    Article: Comedian Louis C.K. Thinks Social Media Sucks


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    Quite simply... Yes and No... I guess that wasn't so simple after allI think we (North Americans from my point of view, but I'm sure other places in the world) spend too much time with our devices. However, I do think we are fortunate to have the luxury of pulling advice out to record/photograph an event so we can watch it later or show others via youtube, for example. Although I have an account, I don't tweet much. But, hate it or love it, it has become a tool to inform others instantly. When Michael Jackson died, Google shut down. This tells me that these are tools we rely on. Someone, somewhere told a friend about it, perhaps via text message, and instantly, it hit Twitter. And instantly, we all went to Google. The same applies to when Gaddafi was captured and murdered (didn't shut down Google, but the news spread quickly). I think as much as we over-indulge in our devices, it keeps us well-informed of news and/or things most people are intrigued about.

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