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    Article: Clash over Apple, Made in China


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    Your are not ever going to stop outsourcing because their is a word called greed. I don't care what anyone says and you just wait and see. Large corporations will not bring back all the unemployed because they have forced those who are still working to do more to cover the missing bodies. Romney better be careful if he becomes president. Most the pieces and parts are not made in the US and it's hard to put things together without the pieces and parts. I for one do not believe he understands the foreign policy and how diplomatic one must be. I also believe we will go backwards if he is elected but that's just my opinion.

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    If they had a plant here i'll probably make my own iPhone and bedazzle it up with rhinestones. LOL

    But seriously, I do not see this ever happening. No taxes... cheap labor.... umm, let's try to beat that or try to have a say in another country such as China at that. Hit the company and stop blaming China or any other third parties. Sanction the company by banning its products. Sure it may be obtained in the black market. Sure as heck doesn't hurt me, I'll go back to Blackberries.

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