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    I'm still not sure why this even was a big case. Or why he was charged in the first place. Oh yea, because the racist organizations and the media needed something to build that wall once again.

    There was only ever going to be a non-guilty verdict in this case. Period. Which is why he wasn't charged sooner. The police chief that was forced to resign should sue the news outlets. The NAACP and anyone else that got involved in a self defense case.

    What really troubles me is the fact that the DOJ is trying to get involved now. They tried to burn an innocent man and it didn't work. So now they are looking into.????? It's happened before but those cases were special circumstances. This is not. It was open and shut form the beginning and the ONLY reason this went to trial was public outcry and mainly the racist NAACP, continuing to try and divide our country further on it's most sensitive issue. A man should not be put on trial to satisfy the masses. Or to "get the facts out there" as the Florida prosecution has said. It's a sad day. A boy lost his life. A man lost his freedom. And the country is as divided as ever. All over something that should have never gone to trial.

    The fact that Obama is trying to use this case and a young boys life to further his agenda is sickening and should prove to all the hold outs exactly who you elected into office.
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