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    Article: Cartoon For the Week


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    LOL, you gotta laugh add that to Dem's chosing an *** (Equus asinus before I get flamed ) for their symbol what more can I say about US politics, it speaks for itself!

    Definition From Wikipedia:
    Predators of the donkey are lions and wolves. Donkeys have great sense of self-preservation, hence they will not do anything which will put themselves in any danger. This behavior has resulted in donkeys being called stubborn, although this is the result of the misinterpretation of their behavior

    I could read all sorts of things into this especially with what is happening at the moment, but well enough said

    They should add Elephants since there seems to be a great deal of fighting lately.

    (The *** was done by Pinstack which I hadn't thought of words can be wrongly interpreted A** the other two letters being s is another word donkey)
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