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You can view the page at http://forums.pinstack.com/content.p...-pull-off-sale... Smartphone News forum

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    Article: BlackBerry reportedly open to breakup to pull off sale


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    And there are also rumors that the original owners (lazaridis and some other guy) are looking into taking over oh boy!

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    Let the games begin, and end soon for everyone's sake

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    Today is so sad. Thorsten Heins walked out of his office and was run over by a 60 mph skateboarder who was texting on an Iphone. As the Blackberry employees rushed out of the building to see what had happened, a swarm of bees desended on the workers and stung them repeatedly on the ears so they were unable to call for help on their Blackberrys. Meanwhile in New York, BB stock prices fell so low that investors were throwing themselves off the roof of a Starbucks, crashing through garden umbrellas from a height of over 9 feet. It can get no worse for this phone maker on a Black Friday, in a cold drizzle, in a city near you......
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    That iPhone the skatboarder was holding was the most advanced piece of technology the Blackberry campus had seen in years.
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