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I did not have a huge list of people on BBM, about 40, I was ... Smartphone News forum

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    I did not have a huge list of people on BBM, about 40, I was rather protective of my PIN. BBM was great, fast, groups were sometimes useful......but it came to a point that BBM was the only thing I would miss if switching platforms. The exclusivity of BBM was never important to me.

    I think for some with older BB models, who have major memory issues to deal with, adding other chat clients to their BBs causes too many lag problems....this again pushes toward reliance on BBM.

    BBM is great for RIM, it really is one of the things that keeps users loyal, I don't think it hurts the industry, but I think it makes for a more difficult change for some users. I think any time you switch platforms(especially if you have been loyal to one for years) it's more like moving to a new house, it's like things are still in boxes or you don't remember which cabinet you put something in. It takes a bit of time to get organized again. But there is a difference between moving to a new house in the same side of town or moving far away. With BBM, it is the latter. But, when you move far, you also lose contact with some of your old neighbors...you move on. For those I used to chat with on BBM who do not choose to use twitter, gtalk, sms, etc........I have moved on.

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    Great comments all. Sorry about the comment delay issue. Its due to server-side caching and we are working to resolve this. In the mean time give your post up to 60mins to appear depending on the time you posts during the current cache cycle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by azstar View Post
    Is this in Articles or in Forum threads? Trying to nail down the issue
    It's an article that spunoff a forum thread which is highlighted in blue within the article.

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