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    Article: BlackBerry App World Updated to 2.0


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    I have tried to download 2.0 but can’t seem to get it yet on my Storm 9550. Has anyone else been able to get it on their Storm?

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    I got it on my Pearl and it seems a lot faster than the old version. It used to take me several tries just to get past the agreement license. This just took one attempt, which is a blessing since I'm stuck on my slow Pearl.

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    Smack banged dl to the 9700. Looks better, remains to see if it works better...but this should be easy, considering the last Application World.
    I appreciate the fact that purchased items are registered and kept for future reference. Here again, and because I change BB so often, I hope it will allow me to change my BB. On the previous application I couldn't " 'cause I exceeded the (what RIM considers) amount of BB's that can be registered". That sucked big time and drove me away from the program.
    Let's wait and see.

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    Seems faster on some things, newish interface makes it a lil easier to navigate, and I like the ability to access apps and whatnot from the pc, I still havent explored that too much but i plan too.

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