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    Article: No BlackBerry 10 phones until March 2013 and Playbook pulled from


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    The rate this is going, I'll be using a Google Glass Explorer unit before BBOS 10 and new RIM devices hit the market.

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    The problem is all the leaks and announcements of the new devices to come getting all the people hyped up for nothing. Why does apple succeed everytime before releasing their devices? Secrecy is a true key element. Don't saturate the damn media flashing something that's not even ready for another two years...RIM reminds me of summer movies releasing their trailers two years in advance.

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    Yes and not only that they release everything but the end because not even they know what the ending is

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    Ok lets think about this. Firstly RIM clearly said the BB10 would be released in Q1, correct me if I'm wrong but March is still in the first quarter, now much as it is annoying to hear that they are not releasing in January or February technically it is not a delay.
    Secondly this is a statement by an analyst not by RIM, so what does he get out of this statement? Notoriety, more people will purchase phones from other OS's that may be waiting for BB10, thus upping stock price, or maybe lowering RIM price may be the reason, just interested to find out.
    Thirdly whilst there has been comments out of RIM that March may be the date, this could be more for South America or other regions.
    Finally does it really matter at this stage if it is going to be January or March, they have already missed the pre-Christmat/Christmas rush, plus missing the October launches of the Windows Phone and the Iphone.

    The worst thing that could happen for RIM would be for them to release the BB10 and it have a problem like Maps on the IPhone, mainly because I doubt RIM would be able to get through in the same way that Apple did, the press would basically kill them. RIM needs to be 100% sure everything is as close to perfect as possible.

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