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    Article: Best Buy Selling the Nexus Early?


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    If the register could not ring it up how did he purchase it? Hmmmm...... Fishy. Can't wait to see it in action, it should be good.

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    According to our friend Del, the Nexus ain't all that. Put ICS on the SII or SII Skyrocket and you've got a better device.

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    ^^...undoubtedly. The 1.2Ghz processor is slower than the SII one, at least it feels that way. Comparing it to the SII and the Skyrocket, the camera of these is FAR SUPERIOR. Panoramic photo taking is impressive, but the basic functions and quality of picture is a few notches down. There is no bloatware on the Nexus, so the reason for it feeling slower is probably ICS and the heavy demand on RAM.
    The phone is good looking, the slight curvature is very nice. Even in plastic it feels very sturdy. Good quality.
    But...I'm waiting for ICS on the NOTE. That should be an awesome get together. Great specs the NOTE has, it far supercedes the new Nexus.
    Even the SII in its present form, and the Skyrocket, supercede the new Nexus on specs. Add the ICS in 2012, and these phones ARE better than this new Nexus. Strange, but in my opinion, true.
    So, all this hoopla is about ICS. Pure and simple.
    I rather wait then, for the Galaxy S III, just around the corner. In the meantime my NOTE still has no match. Whatever the OS we're comparing it to.
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