The hurdle that all these apps face is that text messaging is basically free now. It's included in your plans.(at least in the US). There's no longer a limit to it. So having these cross platform apps that do no more than send text over data, they become more trouble than they're worth.

Some can share files which is nice but there's also a limit on how big they can be. So services like Box an Dropbox solve this. When you're in the office or with friends. Services like AirDrop are far more handy than either. Sharing links and and files for business or something to save for later is much better over email. I can then flag and follow up in my own time, while not having to sort through 20 conversations and tons of back and forth responses.

So while it's nice to have BBM so that it's more real time communication. They face a big hurdle going forward. That's my take anyway.