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    Article: AT&T drops more calls than Verizon


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    You show me the maps and we'll talk latah. I could base this same study in my neighborhood and the results will vary vastly. I love these researchers...silly fools

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    True. I dont know nor really care who has the best coverage, all I know is my carrier works well here. Soon it looks like we'll only have two to choose from anyway.
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    I don't know about verizon ad tmobile, but i definitely think ATT drops the most calls with Sprint a close second. I remember when dialing '611' on sprint went to a menu where option #1 was "push 1 to request a credit for a dropped call".

    Having had ATT (3 times), Sprint (2 times), Tmobile (5 times), and Verizon (2 times), i've definitely had massive amounts of dropped calls on both att and sprint, while almost none on tmobile and verizon.

    That said, I do agree about the location.

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    It doesnt matter what research is done, people believe what they want to believe and that must be the truth right?..... right?

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    When I was living and working in Texas I found that TMobile dropped the most calls, plus I was unable to receive any signal in my office with them at all. I moved to ATT and had zero problem. When I travelled around Texas, my wife carried a TMobile phone, I had ATT and we had the Onstar phone in the car (which was through Verizon). I found that I had signal on ATT more often than the other two and that was in some pretty remote locations, of course there were places where none of them received signal
    When travelling on business overseas ATT won out on coverage, and was easier to use than switching to GSM when you leave the US on Verizon, but TMobile was definitely the cheapest option for roaming. TMobile worked in most places (not Japan), ATT 3G worked in Japan.
    So having said all of that, it is the area you are in, I am sure that in areas where everyone has IPhones, densely populated ATT will drop calls big time, as will Verizon as more and more Android phones/Iphones/Ipads/Xooms/otherpads come on line. The networks will not be able to cope.

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