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    Article: Argentina Bans Sales of BlackBerry models and iPhones


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    Um...OK. , smileys are sucking on the new build. (random thought)

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    I remember South Africa during the international embargo. Any goods imported suffered a duplication (100%) increase in price, and other penalties if not outright prohibition. This all for the simple reason to save on and increase the foreign exchange held in other monetary systems, particularly US Dollars. SA did well to survive all that, much in detriment to the rest of the industrialized countries which needed chromium (yes guys, chromium not gold) which they then sold at a premium price, in US Dollars. Remember your hyper-inflation in the 70's/80's ? That was chromium and the then prime.minister of South Africa, BJ Vorster.

    Argentina, for different reasons, is trying to safeguard their foreign currency reserves. Especially after their bankruptcy state just a couple of years ago, and ongoing. There are two options: limit import of luxury goods or penalize their pricing so it makes it prohibitive to acquire. The other is to invite the overseas manufacturers to set up factories or assembly plants. That way they keep the money in the country. They employ more people. The prices of the product s are affordable.

    Returning to South Africa. That's why they kicked the major US and European companies out. I remember IBM and some other US financial institutionsa as well as major US contractors; Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Citroen, Peugeout all out. (The Japs had decided to stay and put up their factories which they did before anyone else). The ones that agreed to stay (BMW, Mercedes and some others, especially military suppliers) permitted SA to be an exporter of exactly the same products they used to import. Even the Air Force (fighter plane Cheetah is a better copy of the French Mirage and the same with the French Helicopters - Alloette) ), the SA Navy today manufacturers and export their own submarines and battle ships, material which they imported from W. Germany. BMW South Africa, today, still manufacturers and exports exclusively to the Middle East, and Asia. And so on and so forth.

    In the end, really, Argentina is trying to emulate that successful example.
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