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    Article: Apple Working with Universal SIM to Bypass Carriers in EU?


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    ... I´ve seen the proposed legislation for this to happen. Similar to what Microsoft was condemned to pay out in the hundreds of million €....although not the same, this pretense violates one of the basic monopoly safeguards of all EU citizens...
    What Apple wants is what, basically, the US gives...
    In Europe it´s not the same. To compound the problem EU is 27 countries with 27 independent constitutions.
    What´s good for the goose, in this case, might not be good for the gander.
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    So if I buy one of these fanatic devices, I wont be able to switch to another phone? That was one of the best things about having a GSM phone. This is just another reason for me not to buy this. Sigh.

    Mr. Jobs why must you want to control everything?

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