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    Article: Apple: We're Not Tracking Anyone


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    To be honest Apple's response is fairly typical of anyone in power, they assume the public are stupid and release placating warm and fuzzy comments to keep you happy, as a stop gap once they think things are getting out of control (especially if the problem does not appear to blow over or fizzle out). There are a lot of Apple fans out there (and rightly so as the products are well built, look good and to extent ahead of the field), which is all the more reason why Apple should provide a truthful answer to their customers and fix the issue as a matter of priority. I personally prefer PC's to MacBooks purely because they fit my requirements better, but I know if I had been a student (rich one ), artist, graphics designer or such I would have given an arm and a leg for an Apple, similar reasons for using a BB over an IPhone, but the IPod liberated my music collection and allowed me to take 9000+ songs with me when I travel, for that I must thank Apple!!

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