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BMay to the fray...Yipee !... Smartphone News forum

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    BMay to the fray...Yipee !

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    Quote Originally Posted by BHP77 View Post
    As far as smartphones a concerned, apple does a pretty decent job of being proactive in avoiding security risks. If you're jail broken you obviously have a opened the door by bypassing most of apples built in security. Android, while secure in the OS and the way you have to go about exploiting it is rather complex, you have to get to the kernel to carry out a lot of functions. Can be done because Google allows it's developers to post immediately to the market without review. Its only after somethingnhas happened does google take action and while usually they are quick to react, the damage has most likely been done.
    Impressive spin, I didnt catch it the first read thru the sign of a master lol ;-D
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