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    Article: Apple - One Year After Steve Jobs’ Death, iPhone Sales Disappoint


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    I don't understand how anyone could consider sales of 5 million iPhone5 to be disappointing.

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    I would say after reading this the analysts got their information I would presume from Apple and figured the numbers and I believe they were looking for 8.5 million devices and got 5 million. therefore it became a crappy week for Apple. Go figure

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    The title kinda reminds me of this snobby coworker I happen to unfortunately work with. It's a great legacy what Steve Jobs has left behind. I'm still waiting for my phone; i'm not a fanatic but I do appreciate a great product when I see it. I bought my 9700 when it was first released because I knew that it was an awesome device. No matter what device it may be; people are always gonna want the greatest thing out there but that's why we will always have the haves vs the have nots and the people on top and the people at the bottom that will always try to keep you down there and not better yourself. In summary, it is what it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lak611 View Post
    I don't understand how anyone could consider sales of 5 million iPhone5 to be disappointing.
    That's the trouble with life today, it's not about innovation, how good something works or performs, it's now about some recognized financial expert being able to make an "informed" prediction which is based on past happenings and present perceived hype. When the real world does not hit this prediction (due to lack of supplies, lack of money, lack of interest, or whatever reason which should have been taken into account) the markets are disappointed and punish the company instead of calling the analyst what he is an uninformed idiot.

    Future cannot be predicted even with the IPhone 5 things will get worse before they get better, people will eventually stop believing these overpaid talking heads
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    Apple is an interesting company, and its hard for me to figure how 5 million in iPhone sales over the weekend can lead to a stock drop. I doubt it'll stay down long; but I'm certainly no expert when it comes to that.

    On Apple, and the iPhone in particular, without Steve Jobs: Steve had great control over product. I don't see the same qualities in Tim Cook, and that's not intended to be a criticism of Cook. Jobs wouldn't let a product go public until it was ready; I don't see the same going on now. The simple fact is Apple Maps on the new iPhone simply isn't ready; I don't think Jobs would have allowed this. I think he would have kept Google Maps for another cycle, or assigned whatever resources would have been necessary to fix it.

    Apple is certainly a different company than they were last year. That isn't necessarily a bad thing; they still have an enormous amount of talent there and should have innovations for years to come. I just hope they and Android can keep the battle out of the courtroom and use those resources for innovation, which benefits us, the consumer.
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