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    Article: Apple Might Become Its Own Cellular Wireless Service Provider


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    They may have the money and the structure in place to become a wireless provider, but I think they should just stick to what they do best - create great products. They're not perfect when it comes to new ventures such as cloud storage and especially itunes match. I tried match and got my money back because it was so buggy. Many people are getting refunds for it and Apple is obliging, plus giving out 5 song credits for the trouble. My point is that Apple should avoid the customer service headache and stay out of the wireless market.

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    I think it's wishfull thinking too, unless they have some entirely different model in mind that fits in with other plans like the TV set. I can't even imagine them wanting that label of wireless carrier.

    The current models are pretty much all hated and seen as greedy and unfair to the end user. Hmmm? So they might like to tear that down like iTunes has to music. It's not time yet but never say never.


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