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    Quote Originally Posted by dushdavj View Post
    64Bit processor, is this just not a marketing gimmic?? Thinking of computers which of course is what smartphones are, the reason one goes for 64 bit is so that the software can address more the 3.5 Gigabytes of Ram to allow for faster internal processing, this of course also means that the software needs to be written to address the use of a 64 bit processor. Now correct if i am wrong, but in the case of the new Iphone 5S and 5C they only actually have 1 Gigabyte of Ram in use the rest is all storage much like the old hard disks, obviously when they have 8 Gb of Ram on board that 64 bit processor will be brilliant, but today, methinks it may be more of a hinderance to the speed of the Apps. Why you may ask? Well all the Apps are written to be 32 Bit for the current Iphones and Ipads, these 32 bit Apps will not necessarily run in native mode and may actually run slower, much as running a program written for a 32 bit processor runs a little slower on the 64 bit chip, which is often compensated for by have far more ram to run in.

    So it will be interesting to see what the outcome is. Definitely a good marketing ploy for the people that buy it, but if someone said to me I bought it for the 64 bit chip I would most definitely at this stage ask Why???

    It's well concluded around the net that graphics, image processing, language recognition will be improved with moving to the 64Bit processor.

    It took two hours and only one man to re-write infinity blade to run on the 64Bit so it shouldn't be that hard for everyone else to follow suit and update their apps. I remember the same thing was said about retina display in the i4 too. There was no panic, just a lot of developers updating their apps to run correctly.

    The feat here is that Apple is not normally a chip designer, but somehow beat Samsung and Intel to the punch.

    Samsung also announced that they were moving in this direction also, but would take them eight to nine months to catch up.

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