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    Article: Apple brings iPhone 4S to 22 new countries - fastest rollout ever


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    Guess they gotta compete somehow with the Samsung juggernaut - -

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    They can never compete with those big boys.All they can do is carve out their own little niche and hope they can keep a few followers.
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    You know, I almost wish Sammy hadn't passed Apple in units shipped. I see more focused lawsuit crap in the future. Lets be honest. Aside from pride of purchase does it really matter who is where in the sales charts? I'm starting to get tired of defending/ranting against this device or that. Hell, its dividing folks instead of getting them talking/helping.

    Sammy/Google doesn't give to shakes about me. Apple doesn't care about its users either. Aside from getting your bucks, either manufacturer cares if you defend them to the death, and I'm sick of it. Patent wars that cost US money, flaming/questioning of integrity, all of it is madness.

    Look at Pinstack. We are becoming more segregated by the day. I'm hating it. I don't want to look at an avatar or user name and think of their device before I think of their character . I surely don't like questioning their character subconsciously based on the device they use. I'm better than that. All of us are. Sorry....just been festering for a bit./rant
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