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    Article: Android Hits 200 Million Activations


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    Number can be deceiving depending how they are defined and it's not really clear with Google but maybe some of those numbers don't take into account a person who buys an Andriod device today is the same person who buys the next best one in a month. Do those count as new activations?

    I think it's still growing but the numbers or definition from start to now have changed maybe? IDK Andriod hardware and software changes so often how can you really tell if the numbers are accurate.

    RIM is flirting w/death and Windows is a tiny blip. Android no doubt takes those customers (RIM) and unless they change directions Andriod will continue to grow know matter how things add up.

    I still say M$ should buy RIM.

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    Wow, see what selling cheap phones will get you. If anyone. T google that is this is good their fooling themselves. You need to break it down by manufacture. How may are making money??? We saw how well Motorola did. Yes , numbers are confusing. I highly doubt they take into account the returns. The ones that return a android,get another, return it, get another. Does that count as three activations?? It happens often. Just like Android manufactures claiming units shipped instead of units sold.

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