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    Article: Analyst: Apple's iPhones still too expensive for emerging markets


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    "It's really a matter of what Apple wants: to have a really global product and retain market share as the smartphone market moves toward cheaper price brackets, or to focus on making the maximum profit."

    I vote for profits.

    Apple isn't going to make a cheap iPhone. They made one at a lower coat and that "only" $160 IS a big difference to some. There are millions of iPhones sold subsidized in the US for $99 when the the more expensive is "only" $99 more.

    Apple let doesn't and isn't going to play in the cheap smartphone market. They want the experience to be number one. Try one of those HTC or Samsung smartphones that are impossibly cheap and tell me what your experience is. Frustration.

    Sigh.......Aplle is doomed.

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    Hey, I can't afford a Ferrari??

    wheres the article on people like me?

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