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    Article: Why America Will Be The Next Consumer Electronics Powerhouse


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    It is a controlled market in the US, especially on the computer side, (you just need to visit the Far East to see the number of PC manufacturers available, similar options on Phones but not quite so obvious. The US is definitely behind internet speed wise, WiFi options, cell coverage, which means that there is an obvious market for improvement. I was shocked when I first moved to the US (Texas) in 1999 and they were still on slow 14,400 Baud Dialup, along with most people using pagers, avoiding cell phones due to cost at that time, of course now they are common, American's tend to be shocked that other countries use cell phones. Just to give an idea, in Indonesia in the early 1990's the well healed populace used to use drivers to take them on their errands when they wanted the driver to pick them up from outside the shopping center they would call them on their cell phone. Plans were cheap and depending on location it was often easier to get a cell phone than have a house phone installed. I carried a cell phone in Malaysia in 1992 with excellent coverage along with a hands free kit. Today they are even more advanced. So will America be the Powerhouse, I am also skeptical, it would be really nice to manufacturing of these hi-tech gizmos coming into the US and bringing back employment instead of companies making a select few into billionaires.

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