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    Article: Adobe bring Flash to iPhone and iPad - without asking Apple


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    I don't think their "claiming" anything. That's more of stating the facts.

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    ^^^I agree.

    I believe it's a hard call. People want it, but Apple won't give it to them. I, personally, don't feel I am limited by not having flash. I can see why some people would feel they are limited though.

    On another note, who calculates these statistics that say flash is used in more than 50% of websites? I'm not saying I know the real percentage but is that 50% of sites that would actually result in the user not being able to access the site at all on a iDevice? Is it 50% of sites that do not have alternative sites that can be operated without flash? Or is that 50% of websites that perhaps have their logo in flash (which you wouldn't be able to see on a iDevice) but the rest of the site is in html?
    What about sites such as VEVO and YouTube that have flash but also have apps that make the website accessible (especially free apps)?
    I know I'm making a stink about this but this flash thing is being made to be bigger than it really is.

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