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    Article: The Absurd Plan to Fix RIM: Better Advertising In 2012.


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    This story outlines why RIM is done. Whether that happens who knows but if accurate they need to clean house now starting at the top.

    I love the " wait till you see BB10, it's going to blow you away!"

    Really? Those last two paragraphs sum things up pretty well. Everyone seems to know it except RIM.

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    This seems just a tad bit like shooting the horse before it the gun goes off. It has become so vogue to trash RIM. Yes, it's hard not to recognize the mistakes they've made. And as another reviewer wrote on Crackberry this morning, they are clearly in danger of working so hard to precisely do the right thing (waiting for the "perfect" processor for the BB10 handheld) that they are doing a great job of slightly imperfectedly doing nothing. All that said, my Playbook w/ the OS2 developers kit is the hottest pad device out there if you have a handheld to bridge it to. The Playbooik final public release of this Android compatible system is going to send some shock waves if the reviewers can take off the Apple sunglasses for a minute. And, I am having the time of my life communicating, doing social networking, and actually doing CRM Enterprise BES level work on my OS 7 9930 after selling my last iPhone on Ebay and giving away my Ipad.. Ooops.. I meant to say I thought I was having productive and exciting fun. I can't be. Too many people tell me I must be a looser or an old fart. Funny. I don't feel that way.

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    Have been in a blackberry every since the big blue cookie as I called it, but I can't take this anymore I have hung on enough, time to go on to another smartphone just trying to decide is the problem. They r just falling further and further behind, smh!

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    They need better products before they advertise.

    I used Nokia prior to BlackBerry, and I've been eligible for an upgrade since June. There is no way I will wait until December 2012 to upgrade. I do not like Apple products and am not convinced that Android is secure enough. Most likely, I'll get a Nokia device running Windows Phone. I've always been satisfied with the quality of Nokia's hardware, and it looks like Windows Phone is attracting developers and getting the apps I want.

    Nothing is certain yet for me, other than the fact I will not get an iPhone. However, Nokia is looking promising. Android might be a possibility, if security is improved.

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    Whatever happened to "Research in Motion" in Research in Motion?Good news for the advertising people.Really bad news and the worst move for RIM.Still holding on to my Oldie of a device until it burns out.

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    I bet that when RIM finally closes its doors these two idiots will be standing around scratching their heads wondering what went wrong.

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    " on the call, CEO Mike Lazaridis said: The BB7 devices are really rejuvenating the BlackBerry experience around the world. I hear stories every day where people are commenting about how the BlackBerry Bold is the best communication smartphone in the world today, and that's something we're just building on and we're going to support that through marketing, advertising and promotion"Denial much?Honestly, I think RIM is trying to be the class clown now. Falling shares, stolen trucks, drunks...what's next?Its the "Office" of the smartphone world.

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    They are becoming the laughing stock of the smartphone world. Regardless, I still hope they pull it through and finally figure it out. Ive been a iphone owner for over 2 years and still manage to grab and hold the BB everytime I visit a AT&T store

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