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    Article: ANDROID: Introducing: The Motorola Spyder...; Nexus One Update; Mo


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    And mighty Android just keeps on rolling.

    That Motorola Spyder looks just awesome! It may bring me back to Moto if they can make the software run smooth like the Galaxy S2 line.

    That's the great thing about buying a device with the Nexus brand on it. Still being cared for after all this time.

    Yes Del, I'll be 1st in line for that Xoom 2, but only if it has a quad core processor, 100% pure Android (no skins please), and better screen.

    Samsung should fight back! Apple's ridiculous antics only show fear of what Samsung has done with Android. I'm not loyal to any brand, but I disliked Samsung Android devices the most. It was because they never got updated, Touchwiz was horrible, and they all had a shiny plastic build quality. After grabbing the Epic Touch 4g a week ago, my opinion on Samsung has changed drastically! Samsung's GS2 devices are so fast and smooth. And on a screen so vivid that it just wipes the floor with my Evo 3D qhd screen. Really any Android device, that doesn't move like this or better, is a definite fail from now on. Yep, its a game changer. How dangerous is Android when the OS is implemented this well, on increasingly more powerful hardware? The answer is very! And Apple knows this. That's the reason for all the courtroom drama.
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