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    Article: AND NOW: Why Google is Winning the Smartphone Wars ...


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    Good read, having lived on both sides of this discussion I can say that yes the iPhone has a very simple UI and makes it easy for any user to learn and learn fast......Android on the other hand offers the user many, many more handset options over a large amount of manufactures. I personally loved my iPhone 4, that said the UI bored me while it "all just worked" I wanted more. Having used iOS 5 beta 1,2 and 3 on my i4 while its a large step forward, It's not going to be enough to keep me from being bored with it. Now when iPhone 5 comes out (depending on what changes come out with it) I may yet again own another iPhone but for now, I'm one of the hundreds of millions who want more.
    *Keeping Thunderbolt for now*

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    Excellent read.
    Its no secret where I fall here. I love my android, and the experience it provides, the control I have over my device is amazing. No its not super easy, nor is it polished, but I wouldn't trade it for any other device if one iota of what is "android" were taken out.

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    Awesome. Viva la android.

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