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    Article: A NOSTALGIA TRIP: The Web


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    Cool article! We discussed some of the pioneers of the Internet and pioneers of the World Wide Web in the first week of the XHTML/Web Site Development course I am taking this summer.

    Here is a good article about ARPAnet. http://inventors.about.com/library/weekly/aa091598.htm

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    The www may never have taken off if modems had not become simple to use, since who wanted to work their way round the things used in the 80's so you could get on a message board. Without fast interconnects, large storage capacity, small portable computers the www would not exist. Using computers like pdp 11/10 (large scale) for connection would have put everything out of everybodies reach. So yes the worldwideweb has developed, but it needed simplification of hardware and development of storage in Gb's to make it work

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