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Well I suppose no one else has got their hands on the beta release or ... 9630 Themes forum

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    Tour Themes Are Out and Working!


    Well I suppose no one else has got their hands on the beta release or kit, whatever you want to call it.
    But Bplay has some very nice themes.
    I purchased Eco.
    To View More Of It > Eco Theme By Bplay

    They use the Pearl in the preview for ALL of their themes. It does work, lots of people have it.

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    Yes it's been reported that they have ported many of their previously released themes for the 9630....I'm sure that many Tour users are wishing for something new made especially for the Tour, but I guess that's better than nothing I hate that BPlay does not show how it will look on each specific device...that's why I refuse to buy from them.
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    And if you buy from them they only give you a few extra downloads of a theme you paid for. How do they get the plazmic update before we do?
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    ask me
    They're located in Canada, if that tells you something....
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    They most likely are giving Plazmic a portion of each sale, or whoever leaked it to them. I'm sure they've sold tens of thousands already.

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