Pipboy / Tour hybrid theme - free

So, if the Pipboy from Fallout 3 and the Tour had a lovechild, I think it might look like this ...

When you first load the theme, lots of overlapping images which will disappear as you scroll through each item

Instructions after download / activation - after letting things settle down, scroll down to the very bottom. While it is not obvious, you should be on the Stats button. Activate this and things should start getting clearer. Scroll across and activate each of the bottom buttons (stats, items, data) and things should get clearer. Within each of the screens (stats, items, data) scroll through each item and things should be now be all clear.

IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW TO MAKE THE TODAY TEXT DISAPPEAR WHEN YOU SCROLL OFF THE calendar or Today Text area without scrolling through to another button, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Weather slot in bottom right is app #1

Spacebar launches Poynt (a personal preference)

Stats button launches:

Items button launches: (apps two through ten from apps screen)

Data button launches Quicklaunch and this screen:

Click Download