Ok so this is one of my latest creations. I have been using it on my phone and had a few others check out this Tour version.
For the most part i like it but after using it for a week i dont think i like the small icons in the hidden dock, but who know maybe others will enjoy.

A few things to point out.
* Profiles need to be placed in 1 slot of app screen
* Weather app. to be placed in 10 slot of app screen
* Spacebar launches BB Messenger
* $ key launches pictures

Theme features on home screen
* Active profiles icon
* Today icons for Messages and Calendar with Custom popup window for both. Today entries can be scrolled to.
* Weather slot
* 8 small user defined icons in a hidden dock
* Weather displays on lock screen
* Home screen wallpaer is not locked

note: Media is displayed in screen shots where weather would be. I just did not use jlcmd to take the pics i forgot my usb cable.

9630 4.7os OTA