For the past year, I had no problems with my Yahoo mail on my BB; I received emails just fine and timely, I sent emails just fine (and a copy shows up in my Yahoo outbox on computer), and I deleted emails just fine (On Mailbox/Handheld or Handheld).

Now I receive Yahoo emails that are delayed (the only way I'd find out if I receive a bunch all at once or when I am on a computer but dont see the same emails on my BB until much later). If I delete Yahoo emails from my BB, the "deleted" emails are still showing up in my inbox on computer. Sometimes when I send Yahoo emails, I get a red X (general inbox failure, etc etc). What the heck???

I read other postings here but dont see more specific info on Yahoo (plenty on Gmail though). I tried to press on reconcile but it does not work as far as I know. I deleted Yahoo email via my BIS then reinstalled it. No luck. I deleted my Yahoo service book then resent. No luck. What the heck???

Please advise!