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Originally Posted by Rico5331 Those of you with Verizon Tours, I'm curious to know whether ... BlackBerry Tour forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rico5331 View Post
    Those of you with Verizon Tours, I'm curious to know whether to VZW tour has a soft-touch battery cover, of the same glossy cover that I have on my Sprint 9630. On the first pre-release photos, the battery cover was glossy like mine, But I thought they changed it to the soft touch material as pictured on later photos of the final build. Were both versions manufactured, and are both floating around ? The soft-touch material definitely would improve handling of the phone. Any insights ?
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    The VZW Tour's battery door is soft-touch on the outside and textured "carbon fiber" in the middle. It's very comfortable in the hand. You can find them on ebay.

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    I got the storm first, I hated it. It was so slow, randomly lost coverage and hung up on people. While on the phone my cheek would hit stuff and call other people, flash over or mute the phone. Traded it in for the tour and omg this is the best phone I've ever had. Its everything I want and what the storm should be.
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    I revcieved my Tour on Friday and I have to say hands down, this is the best device I have EVER had! It fits good in the had, the screen is excellent the keyboard is nice to type on. I see that some people have problems with it, heck everyone has problems with a new device but the Tour....... sweet!!!!!

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