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I have a Curve 8330 (Sprint) and have had it for one year. Sprint tells ... BlackBerry Tour forum

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    Upgrade help


    I have a Curve 8330 (Sprint) and have had it for one year. Sprint tells me I would only get $75 off the price and it would cost me $424!! I have had a business account for years (but never was assigned premier status-not sure why). Anybody have an idea of how I can get more $$ off? Thanks

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    As far as I know what your carrier decides is what you get. You might talk to a supervisor and see if they can give you a better deal on an upgrade - if you're nice and explain about your business account, including the information that you would like to stay with them, I would think they would cut you some slack. Good luck!
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    I agree with jblackfish. Talk to a supervisor or a manager and discuss it with them. Tier 1 CS reps only have a certain amount of authority so they're probably telling you what they can do at their level. Go higher, you can always get more accomplished. If you have a business account with them, and all your accounts are in good standing, they should be able to do something better. If not, personally, I'd start looking elsewhere for ALL my services. Sprints main source of income is business, high-speed lines since their share of the cell market is floundering daily.

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