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so i got my phone unlocked to use on tmobile but cant get the web ... BlackBerry Tour forum

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    unlocked 9630for tmobile


    so i got my phone unlocked to use on tmobile but cant get the web browser icon to come up tried talking to tmobile they are no help at all. can i get the web icon or am i scrweed bc im using the unlocked phone

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    You probably need the tmobile service books installed on your bb. Do a search on the forums or google. I'm sure there's an alx file that has all the service books but I just don't remember where.

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    ask me
    Sing in to your tmobile account online on the pc, the set ur device as the 8900 and then resend service books, then on the phone options, advances options, host routing tables and click menu and register, go to manage connections and in network options set to UMTS,

    Hope that helps

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    Follow the instructions in the CB thread that porto35 posted. It was written for the Storm, but it should work on any "world" CDMA BB (Tour, S2, 8830, etc). That thread has an attached file with the service book files you need to load in to your device. You must also follow the other instructions in that thread. It should get your data fully active. Make sure your tmobile account is provisioned for data. Also note you will NOT get 3G, as the "world" phones do not have the NA (north american) 3G frequencies. You will be limited to Edge and below.
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    hi i did everything linking to the crackberry thread, my unlocked phone works and im curioius if upgrading to 5.0 would ruin it?

    any thoughts... thanks!

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