I have not seen the themes I want yet for the Tour. My biggest complaint is the themes that have come out in the today format, the font on the home screen with today details, etc... is way tooooo small. I also love to use different pictures as my wallpaper.
So here is my perfect simple theme:
Precision or other "BOld" and visable icons. Not too small, 6 icons on the home screen is enough so dont let the icons get too small.
Hidden dock
Rollover icon for today details or email details.
Home screen email notification.
Time, Date, signal, etc.....
I like to change wallpapers but the banner gets in the way, the time shows up in the top oif a head or in the middle of a eagles beak, etc....
I like the precision icon screen, icons show up nice on the soldi colors. On my Curve if I used a picture for the wallpaper it showed up on both the homescreen background and the icon background, made the icons difficult to see.
Maybe someone could design a home screen with a nice big dedicated area for my wallpapers and then design the hidden dock, time, battery, etc.. to work around that so I can change wallpapers as often as I like and still have my theme provide me with the vital informtaion I need.
If this is the wrong place to post this please let me know where to post it. Its not so mucha theme request as a wish list. Maybe my theme is already out there and you have spotted it, let me know fellow Stackers.