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So I noticed when my battery is low and I plug it into my verizon ... BlackBerry Tour forum

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    Possible mini usb failure


    So I noticed when my battery is low and I plug it into my verizon car charger, I'll see the charging icon over the battery and then minutes later when I check back it has disappeared. I can’t tell if it’s charging or not. I unplug/plug it back numerous times and still the same. I know the verizon car charger is getting power because it’s lit. Although, when I do a reboot while plugged in I'll notice that the battery life has increased and the icon charger is back.

    The first time this happened to me, I didn’t reboot and when I got home I plugged it into my home wall charger and the same thing happened although as soon as I unplugged/plugged back in the charging icon appeared again.

    At this point not sure if it’s a car charger issue, hardware issue, or OS issue.
    Any suggestions, thanks.

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    For this, I would lean towards hardware issue since, if I understood correctly, it has done this with both your home charger and car charger. Now just to put it out there, my 8120's car charger light comes on, but it will not charge anything plugged into it. The LED inside of it lights up because it's getting power, but the small transformer inside doesn't send power through to the plug itself.
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    Same here. I think it has to do with the temp of the phone or battery. Just leave it plugged in and it will come back on. Like on cordless power tools, if you drain the battery down all th way, or use it hard, it will not charge when you first place it on the charger. My Storm did it and now my Tour does it as well.

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    The same thing is happening to me. It started with my original 8120 a week before I had to replace it. I was able to charge the original one (before I sent it back due to a worn out trackball) and can charge the replacement via my USB cable connected to PC and via the included wall charger from my first 8120. The USB ports on both phones were not loose at all.

    However, I cannot charge via car charger. It charges for about 2 minutes and then stops charging. The first car charger I had was almost 2 years old (when I got the 8100) so I replaced it. The second car charger is doing the same thing. I don't do the reboot like the original poster does because I am usually close enough to home so I just wait to get home and connect to my PC.
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