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My keypad lighting goes off after about 12 seconds in any condition. I have turned ... BlackBerry Tour forum

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    Keypad light


    My keypad lighting goes off after about 12 seconds in any condition. I have turned off auto dimming and set the backlight to stay on for the full 2 min.
    Does anyone else have this issue?
    I love the Curve, but I hate the numbers in Red (thanks verizon). For those of us with older eyes those red numbers are not easy to see and even worse once the keypad light goes out.
    I want to keep the backlight and keypad lights on longer, any suggestions??
    I like many things about the Tour but the keypad is not one of those things. I type as fast and see better on my Curve keypad.
    I am on the fence wether I will keep the Tour or go back to the Curve. Why cant Verizon leave well enough alone, most pictures of the Bold I see have the white numbers on the key. Verizon did the same with the last world phone and I choose the Curve over the world phone just because of the keyboard.
    And of course my battery door is loose and sloppy.

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    There was an app I read about not too long ago called, 'Leave It On' I think. It wasn't free, but you could set it to always allow the backlight to stay on.
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    Just place your finger over the LED for a second and it will go back on. No big deal. :-)
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    The tour numbers are red no matter where you go. Just live with it or get it modded. I have sprint and the keypad is red. Also, this isnt the Bold, dont blame vzw, blame rim if it doesnt fit you. Also for the backlight, just goto settings and screen/keyboard it should be there. If the tour isnt for you and you want to "downgrade" then more power to you.

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    Bblight solves can b found in downloads here on stacks.
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    bblight used to work great for me. And best of all it was free! good luck
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