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I got to say, I've always been a bb person when it comes to phones. ... BlackBerry Tour forum

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    issues with the tour


    I got to say, I've always been a bb person when it comes to phones. No phone can compare to the comfort I have with bb and I've gone through pretty much every bb that has come out or close to it. I must say, with the tour, this is the first one that has disappointed me. I have problems with the track ball and it just taking forever loading. I'm starting to wish that I had stayed with the storm... If there's a way to fix it please someone let me know.
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    Well, with the trackball issue, its a know issue now. I just got tired of that problem and went to a sprint store and they replaced it with a curve trackball, even though its white instead of black,it works exactly like its supposed to.
    As far as responsiveness, the latest OS has just arrived yesterday (for sprint) officially, install that and you should see a difference.
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    clean your hands thats ll i can sat i just switch from a curve to a tour not by choice. i went through 3 curves in 10 months . they should stop making there phones in mexico just a thought

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    Returned by Tour to Verizon after 6 weeks because of the trackball issue. Yes, as said, it's a known issue so they are apparently not giving anyone a hard time. Anyway, prior to the problem -- I really like this device. So, got a new one, up and running and all is great. Like I said, I really like this device -- and I am not using any advanced bells and whistles, no downloaded apps, etc. Just basic functions and it's working super. Good luck.

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