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    Question Bluetooth help


    How do you keep the Bluetooth always enabled? If I turn off my phone, the Bluetooth goes off. it is not easy to pair with my car.

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    I am currently using a Torch 9800, previous to the a Bold 9000, in both cases I can go to Manage Connections and turn the Bluetooth on (by ticking the check box), when I do a full power off, and then power on again the bluetooth is still checked. I used to leave bluetooth on all the time as I use a bluetooth headset, and had no problems powering off the phone when flying then powering on again and the phone would connect to the headset, came back on even after battery pulls.

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    I had a 7100t and the BlueTooth feature had to be re-connected consistently until I figured out it was the Plantronics M2500 headset, not the phone. This past Wednesday, I left BlueTooth on, rebooted to delete an app, and when I turned my Bold back on, BlueTooth was still enabled and re-connected to my Motorola H500. I don't remember if my other BB's (7105t, Pearls or 7730) did it.
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