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Just received the Sound Id SoundFlavors Bluetooth Headset First Impressions Packaging and content: It comes ... Smartphone Reviews forum

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    Sound ID SoundFlavors Bluetooth Headset Quick Review


    Just received the Sound Id SoundFlavors Bluetooth Headset

    First Impressions

    Packaging and content:
    It comes in a very professional looking package, I mean for an MSRP of 399.00..It better!
    The version that I purchased did not include the Companion Link module
    It includes
    a) SF Ear Module
    b) Charging Cradle
    c) Power Supply
    d) User Manual
    e) WaxGuard Kit
    f) Leather Pouch
    g) Ear Loop (2 packs for custom fit)

    Style and looks:

    At first, I was worried as I thought it was kind of bulky (never saw it in person, only web pictures), but I am pleased to say that is preety small (smaller than my plantronics voyager 510)
    It is not the most "stylish" looking BT headset, but I went for features and performance rather than looks although it actually looks preety nice and discreet.

    Is it comfortable? Does it sit securely in your ear?

    Secure in your ear? Yes!!!..
    Thanks to the included different sized ear loops, that thing does not move from its position!. It takes a while to figure out which Ear loop to use, but it is worth the effort.

    Is it comfortable?
    Well, after using it for about 10 minutes, it feels kind of weird, I believe it sits a little bit too much inside your ear, but since all my previous headsets have not been truly an "inside the ear" form factor, I could not say if this is an accurate stement but CNET reviewer felt the same way. Let me say it is really light!, Now my plantronics feels like I hace a brick attached to my ear.


    Paired with my 8703e without any issues. As fast as with my plantronics and a few Motorola's that I've had in the past.

    Conversation Mode (Amplification)

    This is quite an interesting feature, It took me a couple of minutes to enable since it was disabled from the factory. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect as to the funtionality of this feature. While I have not tested this feature extensively, I must say it is quite interesting. It actually amplifies sorrounding sound (while the phone is not in use) so you can hear much better conversations around you or at a distance, it actually works, eliminating the need to remove your headset if you want to have a conversation with someone without that person having to raise their voice just because you have a device attached to your ear.

    Phone Mode

    Although I have only used this headset for a few minutes, I can say with certainty that it is the LOUDEST BT headset I've ever used!.At its highest setting is it just too loud to have it in your ear..MUCH MUCH louder than any Motorola I have tried, Much louder than the plantronics and Much louder than the Jawbone which I tried at a Cingular store. I've always used headsets at their highest volume setting since I like to hear callers loud and clear specially since English is my second language, but I am finding myself using this headset at almost its lowest setting.
    It has 3 sound modes to choose from while you are on a call..
    1) Quiet or normal environment. Sound is not amplified of enhanced
    2) Moderate environment, some noisy situations - A little enhancement was noticed, more like raising the "treble"alittle on your stereo equalizer.
    3) Noisy environment - Same results as the moderate, but noticed and increase on volume too.
    (I still need to perform more testing on these modes)

    Important detail:
    No Lagg whatsoever when answering/disconnecting calls (8703e)

    Plantronics, a small lagg, Moto's...that's what I call lagg!

    Call Quality

    At first, noticed some interference so was kind of dissapointed. But went outside, and everything was much better, similar to my plantronics..I believe there was some interference at my office because as soon as I went out to the hall, everything was perfect...Just tested the plantronics (to compare), experienced the same.


    I Noticed that it started to noticeably loose signal at about 28 feet from where it was..
    Plantronics is a little better at this.

    Key downsides (up until now):

    a) It comes with a charging cradle rather than a "direct connect" type of charging solution. Don't get me wrong, the charging cradle looks awesome, but it is quite bulky for portability.
    b) No redial feature from the headset (At least not that I could find). It does support Voice dialing but the 8703e does not..

    MSRP - Ready? 399.00 Pricey!...Although I was able to get it (brand new) for the price of some of the best BT...don't want to post price as I don't know if the supplier is able to sell more at that price. If interested, PM and I will contact them.

    I will not make a verdict on the headset as I still have a lot of testing to do..
    Feel free to ask any questions about it as it would help me to more accurately review it..

    Will update only if stackers are interested..

    Pictures and more info available at
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