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The holster is made from a nice and sturdy plastic with a felt-lined interior to ... Smartphone Reviews forum

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    Thumbs up Seidio Rubberized Holster for the 8330


    The holster is made from a nice and sturdy plastic with a felt-lined interior to protect the screen, trackball, and keyboard of the inward facing Curve. The clip at the top of the holster also is coated with the very nice rubberized coating found on the Seidio Super Slim Rubberized Case (link to my review), over the entire clip to prevent marring of the case or your Berry. To fully protect from scratches, the inside of the top-clip is also coated with the soft rubber to securely hold your Berry in place.

    Speaking of the top-clip it makes placement and removal of the Curve feel more natural.

    The belt clip itself feels very secure. I've pushed and pulled without my Curve moving. I am confident my Berry isn’t going anywhere. The rotation of the belt clip is tight but not so tight that you have to fight with it to move it. I was able to rotate it while it was clipped to my scrubs. The 3 positions clicked into place easily, the clip rotates 90-degrees to the left and right in 30-degree increments.

    The inside of the holster is nicely lined with a contoured soft felt-like material from top to bottom to protect the inward facing screen, trackball, and keyboard. Seidio could have gone cheap by cutting a rectangle and gluing it in there, instead they spent a little extra time and money to give you a high quality stylish product. One thing that Seidio doesn’t mention on their site is that the holster contains the sleeper magnet, which for me was a pleasant surprise.

    In my opinion, the holster is extremely well made, I wish I could find something to complain about but it’s just not the case.

    The holster is available for both an unprotected Curve or for the Curve protected by the Super Slim Rubberized Case.

    Save yourself $10 by ordering the combo. They’re available in Pink, Black, Blue and Burgundy for you fashion conscious folks.

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    very nice review!
    the burgandy/red one was my first purchase for my curve. i still keep going back to it too

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    Ask Pls!
    I have the pink one and really like it.

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    I just got mine... excellent product, I highly recommend it! worth every penny...
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    Got my black case w holster first impression is good. We'll see how she holds up.

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