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    Review: TweetCaster


    My first review in a long time and it had to be about a new BlackBerry Twitter client LOL

    New Twitter app to make reading tweets, etc much easier.
    Pros: Easy user interface and great graphics.
    Cons: No options for setting how often tweets are refreshed
    URL: (Accessible from BB Browser or PC. Both links take you to a Twitter log in page).
    Price: Free when you post the pre-written tweet when you click on above link from PC or BB.
    Overall Rating: 4/5

    This app still needs some work but it's free when you post the pre-written tweet about it before receiving the OTA link. You also get the option to follow Handmark when you post the pre-written tweet. Cool! This app is packed with features other clients lack.

    New Features:

    Messages: Friend tweets are sent to this folder.
    Replies: Replies to direct tweets.
    Trends: Specific topics being discussed on Twitter.
    Search: Search for names related to what you typed in or tweets sent to names you search for.
    Goto User: Search for a Twitter user.
    Nearby: Search for Twitter users in your area from 25 miles up to whatever radius you prefer.
    Tweets: Most recent tweets.
    Favorites: Not sure what this is for as it's blank right now. Anybody wanna fill me in on this one? LOL
    My Profile: Lists: who you are following; who is following you; update your location; view recent tweets; and view @replies.

    I really like this app almost as much as TwitterBerry. I've used just a lot of Twitter apps for the BlackBerry and multi-platform versions of Twitter. I'm looking for a good one for Windows Mobile. So far I like Twikini and Tiny Twitter. It would be better if there was an option for you to set how often you receive tweets. The user interface is simple but the graphics are really cute in the top banner. I'm gonna keep this just to see if they update that one refreshing option. Have fun Twitter addicts!
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    Good review. I believe the favorite seperates your favorites from the standard timeline so you don't lose their tweets in the rat race. Also I found the (unchangeable) small font to be a problem. Til they work some things out, its still on the coat tail of ubertwitter.
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    Thanks for the review erica.

    Favorites is for specific tweets that you have marked as favorites. I use this feature to save tweets that have links I want to go back to, or mark things I may want to respond to later, whatever you may want to access easier at a later time instead of having to search through time lines to find that tweet.

    I think the app has some good features. I like the scroll bar at the top, support for multiple accounts is good for those who need it. I like that it uses the T for top and B for bottom shortcuts to get to top and bottom of the page/time line.

    I am a socialscope user so I can't help but compare the two. TweetCaster is much slower to load the time lines, no auto refresh, no notifications, some avatars don't display properly, no R shortcut to reply quickly to a tweet, and I also am not crazy about the font. I suppose the lack of auto-refresh helps cut down on battery drain but I prefer that option.

    It has potential, not bad for a free app, but it definitely needs some tweeking.
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    Erica, You didn't mention uberTwitter - have you tried that? May as well compare all of them. I started using it a while back and still am. Haven't been lucky enough to get the chance to try Social Scope yet but will when I can.
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    I should have said I have used a lot of them. I have used: SocialScope (took forever to get an invite and their NDA turned me off), TinyTwitter (this gave me fits trying to get it to start the other day), UberTwitter (didn't like the UI), TwitterBerry and now TweetCaster. Out of all of those, TwitterBerry and TweetCaster are my 2 favorites (until TweetCaster gets some improvements). Haven't tried Yatca.
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    I used Ubertwitter for the last few months and beta tested TC. I prefer the UI on TweetCaster myself, however I do wish for auto refresh (and made that suggestion)
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    Very nice review. Its a good thing you wrote it and not me because I would have given it a 1/5. Mainly for the reasons azstar mentioned. It just doesn't do it for me. Socialscope is by far IMO the best I have tried out of all of them. Uber,Tiny,Twitterberry etc..
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    just ask
    yea i installed this today and gave it a run its not to bad of a twitter app

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    I have been using TweetGenius and its a solid Twitter App, also Ubertwitter is solid. I will try tweetcaster I'm hearing good things about it

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    I have been using Ubertwitter the longest and I love it.

    Testing out tweetcaster. Nice GUI but that's not all that matters to me. It's slow at times.

    When/if I get socialscope I will have that to rank against ubertwitter and the rest. Also waiting for tweeteev.
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    This app was recently updated and I've been loving it. It now includes multiple account features which is great because I have two Twitter accounts. One for day to day stuff and one strictly for close friends and family. Now I'm able to update both with a single app. The interface is very clean and the tunnel errors most of us received just a month ago have been resolved. Overall, it's a great app with 0 ads and as Erica had mentioned, if you use the pre-cast tweet, it's free.
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